Eva Carrilho e Vanessa Morais – Dupla Escorts Luxo em Lisboa

Praias Fluviais de Portugal para relax

Eva Carrilho e Vanessa MoraisEva Carrilho & Vanessa Morais

Eva Carrilho e Vanessa Morais uma dupla imperdível para realizar as suas fantasias. Desinibidas, simpáticas e encantadoras, um atendimento completo!

Eva Carrilho 918377492
Vanessa Morais 917427517

Eva Carrilho e Vanessa Morais the best double to make your fantasies. Naughty, friendly and glamorous, a full service!

Eva Carrilho +351 918 377 492
Vanessa Morais +351 917427517

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One Response to Eva Carrilho e Vanessa Morais – Dupla Escorts Luxo em Lisboa

  1. Tyan says:


    Vanessa Morais (AKA Isa Bacelar AKA Natasha Bacelar, and may change again in future)

    Beware that is woman is a pedantic and arrogant crook who will offer you heaven and earth on the phone, but will allow you minimal lowest quality service for the shortest possible time at the appointment, which will make you feel very frustrated. Of course, you pay in advance…

    Some details:
    After she agrees with you on a GFE with anal sex and CIM, she:
    – takes a bath first and shows up naked with her hair tied for the meeting without even asking
    – refuses French kissing and says that she never does that
    – starts screaming when you begin pushing your cock in her asshole
    – won’t position in a friendly way so that you can have a detailed look at her asshole
    – won’t allow you to finger her pussy and asshole
    – will ask you to say when you’re coming, and when you advise her, she shuts her mouth and tells you to come on her below her neck
    – then she takes a long shower and shows up dressed and ready to go

    Check current reviews and latest nickname and contacts at GP-PT.NET (Use Google cache to read if you’re not registered).

    This is for Vanessa Morais only, not Eva Carrilho.

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